Joining the Global Council on Brain Health

Joining the Global Council on Brain Health

In an effort to provide the public with “clear, trustworthy information on brain health,” AARP announced the creation of a new independent organization Tuesday.

The Global Council on Brain Health (GCBH) brings together scientists, doctors, scholars, and policy experts from around the world to promote a “brain-healthy lifestyle.” The GCBH is an independent collaborative convened by AARP working together with Age UK—the United Kingdom’s largest charity dedicated to helping everyone make the most of later life.

Penn Memory Center Co-Director Dr. Jason Karlawish has joined GCBH’s Governance Committee, which will serve as the hub of the organization’s hub-and-spoke structure. The spokes will be comprised of specialists focusing on single issues such as exercise, sleep, diet, stress, and medications.

Dr. Karlawish explains why he’s joined the Council: “People are eager for credible, unbiased and evidence-based information to guide how they should send their time and effort and money to maintain their brain health. The partnership with Age UK and membership from across the globe are especially exciting. An international problem needs an international partnership.”

The new organization met for the first time Oct. 27 and will meet quarterly in 2016 to address one or two key issues in each session. To learn more about the GCBH, visit

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